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Some background info to start off with.

I currently have 4 Cisco switches of various models (the attached diagrams will explain). Right now I have no physical redundancy between them. They are connected via a single cable to a neighboring switch. I currently don't have any problems with STP (PVST mode). All of my trunks/switches show no blocked or inconsistent ports.

What I am hoping to get out of this is a physically redundant network with MST running. I have diagrammed out both the logical layout and the config. I was hoping that someone could take a look at it to confirm that I really shouldn't have any problems with this. I am expecting to see some STP blocked ports on the switches once I implement this due to the physical redundancy. I don't have anyone else in this department that would be able to look at this and tell me something doesn't look right. Since I am the only pair of eyes looking at this I figured it couldn't help to have some experts look at it as well.

Thanks for the help and I will rate all replies!


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