1801 advipservices and broadband ios

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Jun 12th, 2007


When I upgrade a router which was originally shipped with the c180x-broadband-mz.124-6.T7.bin IOS to a c180x-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.T2.bin IOS the router doesn't function as I expect it to. Layer2 seems screwed and I'm not getting any arp entries from directly connected devices, let alone ping replys.

Is there an 'upgrade process' i'm missing out on ? Should a del flash:c180x.....cfg then copy tftp flash of the new IOS work?

If i downgrade the IOS back to the broadband IOS everything seems to work as expected again. Very odd. Can anyone help?


I have this problem too.
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spremkumar Tue, 06/12/2007 - 04:32

Hi Paul

I dont think theres any special upgrade note except deleting the old ios and copying the new file if you don't have enough space to accommodate the new file..

Also as a perquisite you need to check up the Memory and flash requirement to have the new ios in ur router ...

also is that the missing arp entries ur probs or you are facing any other issues ?

Did u wait for sometime to check out for the accumulation of the ARP entries in ur router ??


ariela Tue, 06/12/2007 - 04:45

Hi Paul,

what exactly doesn't work?

Have you already checked the Feature Navigator to compare the two images? and the Bug Toolkit to verify the new release?

Please let me know



paulkbeyer Thu, 06/14/2007 - 01:34


Any ideas with my probs with the 1801?

It's still baffling me..



paulkbeyer Tue, 06/12/2007 - 05:04

Thanks for the quick replies chaps.

I'm getting interfaces coming up,

FastEthernet2 is up, line protocol is up

Vlan2 is up, line protocol is up

I have associated vlan2 with fas 2 and vlan 3 with fas 3 (keeps the numbering simple)

Vlan 1 isn't used on any interfaces.

When I connect to either fas 2 or 3 with ip addresses on the same subnet as the respective vlan's then interfaces all come up but there's no ping replies from either the laptop or the router and there's no arp entries *THOUGH* on the laptop an invalid 00 00 00 00 00 00 address exists briefly but I'm sure that's XP bending and just struggling to find the address on the network (cable).

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the feature comparison I'm not getting round to using any of the features that the newer IOS has that the older doesn't yet. I'm lacking basic connectivity at the mo :O(



smothuku Thu, 06/14/2007 - 01:43

Hi Paul ,

Can we get a chance of seeing router configuration ...



paulkbeyer Thu, 06/14/2007 - 05:25

Here's the config.

Works fine on one 1801 I have. If I save the config off and upload it to the new 1801 - no chance. Nothing seems to work properly.



Richard Burts Thu, 06/14/2007 - 05:29


Seeing the config would be helpful. It would also be good if you would post the output of show version and the output of show interface for the physical and the VLAN interfaces.

And if part of the problem seems to be with ARP then it would be helpful if you would turn on debug arp on the router, show arp, try a couple of pings, show arp, and then post all these outputs.



paulkbeyer Fri, 06/15/2007 - 02:41

Do you know what chaps, several attempts at typing the config up from scratch and testing and untesting has ended up with a working box. I was trying to get the arp details for you. I've got no idea what I broke - if anything was broke etc, but at least it's working - I've saved the config and it's doing what it's meant to do. Odd.


Paolo Bevilacqua Fri, 06/15/2007 - 03:22

Hi Paul,

I had looked at the config and could not find a reason why that was not working, and was puzzled by the strangeness of the problem.

All is good what ends good, and thank you for letting us know.

Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 06/18/2007 - 09:19


I've trying to install one 18xx with 12(11)T adv. ip service, and guess what, no connectiviry over the VLAN1 ports!

I check on the switch and it seem the router sends all packet with the MAC address that is on the port rather than the VLAN one.

Will keep you posted.

paulkbeyer Mon, 06/18/2007 - 09:21

Brilliant, please do - I'm not particularly convinced if it type up the config into the 1801 or even reload it , it's going to come back without issues.



Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 06/18/2007 - 09:30

Tried "wr erase" and restarted with a minimal configuration - no good.

This is really strange!

paulkbeyer Mon, 06/18/2007 - 09:32

Yeah!! Thank you!! I'm glad I'm not going mad! Here's a quick thing tho - The 1801 I had no trouble with was an older hardware model - The one which has given me all the problems had a '***** V2' on the hardware sticker suggesting it was a slightly different hardware build.. Has yours got a V2? it's just above the power cord connector..

Paolo Bevilacqua Fri, 06/22/2007 - 12:34


I couldn't check yet on the version of my 1801. But on this forum something similar was discussed - let me ask you this, was the 1801 connected to a catalyst switch via the VLAN ports ?

paulkbeyer Sat, 06/23/2007 - 12:55


The router in production IS connected to a 3560 - BUT whilst testing and entering the minimal config, the router was only connected via a crossover cable to a Laptop and it was displaying the symptoms on there in the first instance so It's not specific to having it attached to a switch. Let me know what you think.


Paolo Bevilacqua Sat, 06/23/2007 - 13:08

Good, thanks for letting us know. Monday I will take the capricious 1801 for more testing in house and will let you know.

Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 06/28/2007 - 08:41


I've brought back the router in the lab, an without any change, it works fine connecting a PC to one of the VLAN ports. When I had the problem, it was connected to a 3750 switch. Will do more tests as time permits.


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