6513 IOS upgrade problem loading image to flash

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When loading the image to flash I get the error: "%Error ELF section lseek slavedisk0:/s222-ipservices_wan-mz.122-18.SXF9.bin (Operation not allowed on read-only file)"

I can move the original image from slot0: into slavedisk0: but I can't load any images into the flash card from the tftp server. I am currently running c6msfc2-psv-mz.121-13.E3.bin on a sup2 mfsc2.

The first part of the file goes into the flash and it shows as being rw, but that is as far as it goes before erroring out:

Directory of slavedisk0:/

1 -rw- 6588 Jun 12 2007 15:27:58 s222-ipservices_wan-mz.122-18.SXF9.bin

64552960 bytes total (64552960 bytes free)

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Thanks for the link. I read it and the associated links.

I actually formatted the new 64MB flash (bootdisk) and I could put files from the router itself into the card then but files from the tftp server had the read only error.

I am running off a single image on the bootflash and slavesup-bootflash, running Native IOS (both the MSFCII and SupII running native). The bootvariable points towards the native IOS on the bootflashes.

SITSF-Central-Cat#sh boot

BOOT variable = sup-bootflash:,1;sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-19.E1.bin

I learned that, with SUPII and MSFCII, I should run RPR+ redundency for a 30 second fail over, as I was. With newer cards I could get a 0-3 second fail over.

I am beginning to have doubts about the type of flash card I am using. It is a SMART Modular Technologies 64MB Flash ATA Card. I just installed the cards for this upgrade.

I could probably load the image into bootflash: (MSFC card) or sup-bootflash: but these are only 32 MB ea. This image needs a 64MB space, ie disk0: flash.


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