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Jun 12th, 2007


I'm currently configuring a LAB DMVPN hub/spoke (static) spoke/spoke (dynamic temporary) environment to use in production to replace our GRE tunnels. So far everything is working as it should. Attached is the current run-config.

One small problem is when a spoke initiate traffic to another spoke, the tunnel stays up for a long time.

When using "show ip nhrp" command, the tunnel between each spokes is dynamically created which is what I want. But the expire time restarts to 5 mins everytime, without actually tearing down the tunnel. I want the tunnel to remain up when traffic is going from spoke to spoke and when there is no traffic, the hold down timer will count down and during the count down should remove the tunnel once it the time expires.

Any suggestions to add to my lab config?

Please help as we will be implementing this solution next month.

Thanks again.

I have this problem too.
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