CSA MC 5.2 Migration Scheduled Agent Install

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Jun 14th, 2007

I have schedule an install on based on group assignment but the system is not getting the update. I did the same on a test system and it got agent fine. If I go into the systems properties, under software version, it say "Agent is running the latest software" but is not. Other systems show "Update available: Update V5.2.0.203" but I haven't tried the schedule push on them because they are critical system that I have to do last. Any help. Thanks all....

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tsteger1 Thu, 06/14/2007 - 10:39

Sounds like you have everything in order.

Does your update interval and polling interval allow the update to occur?

If a system is set to poll every X hours and the update window is not 00:00 - 23:59, it may miss the window.


octavio.zesati Thu, 06/14/2007 - 10:51

Rule updates and polling cycles are working fine. Hours are set to default which are 00:00 - 23:59. I thinking it has to do with it saying it has the lastest version.

Please see attached doc. and look under software version. Two host showing different version on same 5.0 MC.

tsteger1 Thu, 06/14/2007 - 11:16

I think that may be your problem though I can't confirm it, is has an unsupported OS.

"Windows 2003 [WindowsNT 5.2.3790 SP 2 Server with Terminal Services;English] - unsupported"


octavio.zesati Thu, 06/14/2007 - 11:41

Thanks for your help. Indeed, that is what it is. 2003 Operation Systems w/ SP1 all show the new pending agent update while all 2003 SP2 show that agent is up to date which is false. This is why the agent is not being push. Tried it on another system that was support on 2003 SP1 and it install successfully.

Now my question to Cisco support, how can we work around this? I don't want to have to uninstall SP2 or create a agent kit for every group of hosts. Any though on this?


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