AXL RisPort timeout - CCM 4.1(3)

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I'm trying to perform an AXL RIS SelectCmDevice request against a 4.1(3) and get an HTTP timeout every time I run the query. When I use the main ccmadministrator as the user, the request succeeds. If I wanted to perform this same query under a different MLA user account, I assume I would need to just add this user to the SuperUserGroup in the CCMAdmin page, but this also fails, but with a different error (WinHttp 12152 error code - "The server response cannot be parsed."). Has anyone been able to get this simple scenario working? My query is listed below. Thanks.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:types="" xmlns:tns="" xmlns:soapenc="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" >


<tns:AstHeader id="id1"> <SessionId>1</SessionId></tns:AstHeader></SOAP-ENV:Header>

<SOAP-ENV:Body SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="" >

<tns:SelectCmDevice><CmSelectionCriteria href="#id1" > <MaxReturnedDevices>0</MaxReturnedDevices><Class>Phone</Class><Model>255</Model><Status>Registered</Status><NodeName></NodeName><SelectBy>Name</SelectBy></CmSelectionCriteria> </tns:SelectCmDevice> </SOAP-ENV:Body>


I have this problem too.
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