No, to be a CCNA Instructor you must take a special course detailing NetAcademy workings, instructor hierarchy and take a online assessment.

This exam and course is offered by the regional academy to CCNA professionals which are applying to become instructors.

Contact your academy and ask where the regional academy is, then ask them when they will be training new instructors.

After the orientation exam and after you teach CCNA module 1, you will have the option to request CCAI-CCNA status.

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jnatt Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:08

Actually I was talking with my CCNA Instructor and he claims you need a 903+ on the CCNA to qualify for Instructor status. Not sure how accurate this is, but thought I would share.

Well, I don't remember this minimum score, my CCNA score was 931, I'm CCNA Academy Instructor, and when we were training, what was told us is that we must study the Orientation Course, take a assessment of the Orientation Course (detailing NetAcademy and Instructor facts), have a valid CCNA and finally, teach the first module of CCNA.

As soon as you start the first class, in the NetAcad website the Instructor area opens a "Request CCAI" webpage where you fill your address and CSCO ID, they will check and after a few days (or weeks, in my case) you receive in your mailbox a lovely CCAI-CCNA button. (:


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