Urgent E1-Serial help needed

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Jun 17th, 2007
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Dear all

i have a central point and a brach office, these two points connected via E1 .

th ebandwidth between these two point was 64K , now i have increased two 256K via timeslot.

right now my serial line protocol is down

here sho interface 2/0:5


rial2/0:5 is up, line protocol is down

Hardware is DSX1

Description: khorasan connection

Internet address is

MTU 1500 bytes, BW 256 Kbit, DLY 20000 usec,

reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

Encapsulation PPP, loopback not set

Keepalive set (10 sec)



Last input never, output 00:00:00, output hang never

Last clearing of "show interface" counters 02:20:52

Input queue: 0/75/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 1812

Queueing strategy: weighted fair

Output queue: 0/1000/64/0 (size/max total/threshold/drops)

Conversations 0/1/256 (active/max active/max total)

Reserved Conversations 0/0 (allocated/max allocated)

Available Bandwidth 192 kilobits/sec

5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

0 packets input, 0 bytes, 0 no buffer

Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort

1691 packets output, 23674 bytes, 0 underruns

0 output errors, 0 collisions, 453 interface resets

0 output buffer failures, 0 output buffers swapped out

0 carrier transitions

Timeslot(s) Used:22-25, Transmitter delay is 0 flags

please help!

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paolo bevilacqua Sun, 06/17/2007 - 05:58
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Please confirm with telco that they provisioned 256K via timeslots 22-25.

Sometime they say "yes, done" then turns out something was't done.

Failing that have them come on site and prove the circuit is working.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

emadehsan Sun, 06/17/2007 - 06:07
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acctullay they ar sure that telco has done its job.

do u have any idea about the configuration?

paolo bevilacqua Sun, 06/17/2007 - 06:19
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If telco has said timeslots 22-25, you have configured correctly and the router has no fault.

Now as I was saying before, I have experienced many many times that in talking, telco was sure, then when faced with evidence, had to admit the job wasn't done right. Do not accept the circuit upgrade and do not pay for it until it is proved working.

vatsey.sharad Sun, 06/17/2007 - 09:37
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As it is evident from the output, youe serial link is up but the line protocol is down, it strongly indicates towards an access circuit issue.

There can be two reasons:

1. There is a config mismatch (of timeslots) in Telco's device, and your device.

2. The Telco has not actually comissioned the link.

paolo bevilacqua Sun, 06/17/2007 - 09:40
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My point exactly, and I got rated a '2' for saying that :(



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