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Hi all,

We are in the process of deploying 7921's in retail stores, which requires CME 4.1 or 12.4.11XJ/2/3 or the new 12.4.11XW (CME 4.2).

We have been using the Cisco B-ACD Tcl scripts with CME 4.0 without any issue for a while now, the only change has been to upgrade to the new IOS version to deploy the new 7921 handsets.

But we have discovered that there is an issue with both CME 4.1 and CME 4.2, in the way that the B-ACD interacts with the ephone-hunt group.

B-ACD is configured with a simple drop through queue to queue the calls to two operators. If both operators are busy or don't answer the call. The call is placed on hold and the call hears the MoH.

The B-ACD is configured with 1 hunt group, the hunt group list contains 2 ephones, no final.

e.g ephone-hunt 1 seq, pilot 500, list 126, 127

When you call the B-ACD pilot, the call rings the first phone, then second phone, then back to the first after playing the allagentsbusy.au, as per normal.

The issue is when you try and answer the call once B-ACD queue rings the first phone (in the HG list) for the Second time around.

So when you pick up the handset, B-ACD disconnects both parties, but the call in queue message still displays on both phones, saying that there is 1 call in queue and the MWI lights flash.

We will log a TAC case regarding this tomorrow, but I wanted to know if anyone else had seen this problem?



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philippgrafl Tue, 06/19/2007 - 22:13
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I am using CME 4.0.2 (IOS 12.4.11 T2) and cme-bacd- scripts and it sounds like i am facing the same issue. Under certain circumstances when i want to answer a call, as soon as i press the answer key the call gets disconnected and on the phone is still showing 1 call in queue. After a timeout (app. 2 minutes) the queue is empty again. I think this only happens if there is more than one phone in the hunt group. Can you tell me which version of the script and which IOS have you used before the upgrade?


Prior to upgrading to 12.4.11-XJ I have used 12.4.4-XC4/5 without the issue you discribe.

I'm using the same version cme BACD scripts (

12.4.4-XC4 will provide you the same CME 4.0(2) features. I prefer XC5 because of the additional softkey template 'Ringing' where I can disable 'DND', it's just a side issue with user support.

If you can downgrade to 12.4.4-XC5 I would be interested to hear if you have the same problem.



paolo bevilacqua Thu, 06/21/2007 - 06:56
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Latest 12.(4)XC is XC6. if you guys have a chance of trying it, I would be grateful because I would know what to use to get working hunt-group and AA/BACD.

On a side note, I patched the script so that calls by extension where target is busy or not answered, return to AA instead of abrupt dropping. I've posted the diffs previously in the forum, but If you want the whole script, please contact me at the email address in my profile.

m-ketchum Wed, 07/04/2007 - 06:51
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Not sure if you have solved your problem or not, but I have a similar issue and have found that if I add 'param drop-through-prompt' to the config the scripts will work correctly. I have a case open with TAC on this since the param is said to be optional in the documentation.


I have a workaround in place, I have left the hunt-group timeout value at it's default 180 seconds.

My script configuration is detailed below,

service DropThrough flash:ACD/app-b-acd-aa-

paramspace english index 0

param call-retry-timer 0

param service-name queue

paramspace english language en

param drop-through-option 1

param second-greeting-time 60

paramspace english location flash:ACD/

param max-time-vm-retry 1

param voice-mail 610

param max-time-call-retry 180

param aa-pilot 600

param number-of-hunt-grps 1

param handoff-string DropThrough



service queue flash:ACD/app-b-acd-

param queue-len 10

param aa-hunt1 601

param queue-manager-debugs 1

param number-of-hunt-grps 1


I've always had the ' param drop-through-option' configured for the hunt-group number, maybe it's another setting that you have in your configuration that I'm missing.




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