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Jun 18th, 2007


We have implemented WCCP between Cisco router and Bluecoat cache engine, there?s a firewall placed in between so we have configured the firewall to allow ports (UDP 2048, & GRE) in order for the WCCP sessions to be established.

The WCCP sessions is being established but transparent proxy is not working, it seems that the firewall is blocking the users traffic since the router is redirecting, below the ACL configured on the Firewall:

access-list 100 line 24 extended permit gre <Router IP> <Cache Engine IP> access-list 100 line 25 extended permit udp <Router IP> <Cache Engine IP> eq 2048

WCCP Information on the Router:

Service Identifier: 20

Number of Cache Engines: 1

Number of routers: 1

Total Packets Redirected: 378

Redirect access-list: 190

Total Packets Denied Redirect: 1317809

Total Packets Unassigned: 1832

Please advice what could be the cause of that and if is there any additional configuration need to be done on the firewall?

I have this problem too.
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