How to Deploy CiscoWorks LMS 2.6 across Multiple Servers

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Jun 19th, 2007

I am having an issue with Campus Manager only detecting 1/3 of our entire network.

I was told that our current IBM server which has the complete LMS bundle install ed couldn't scale past 1500 devices in Campus Manager.

I am looking for documentation and tips on the recommended cisco install for LMS 2.6 bundle on two Windows 2003 SP1 based servers.

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Joe Clarke Tue, 06/19/2007 - 10:40

The LMS deployment guide at offers some tips for multi-server integration in terms of setting up DCR and Single Sign-On master/slave relationships.

In terms of partitioning the network, that's really up to you. Where does it make sense to establish boundaries for management purposes? To enforce those boundaries, you will need to disable auto-manage in all of your LMS applications, and configure Data Collection and Discovery filters for Campus Manager.

paul.coley Wed, 06/20/2007 - 04:24

We have approximately 4000 cisco devices to be discovered. Can you tell me how many servers is required in order to make this work? I am getting conflicting information regarding how many servers is required in order to support that many devices with the complete LMS 2.6 unrestricted bundle.

Contrary to what the folks at IBM told you, the published limitation for LMS 2.6 is 5,000 devices per installation. It actually can do more than that, it just won't display more than 4,997 devices in the selector at a time due to performance issues.

YMMV, but my current inventory in LMS 2.6 on two different server clusters is over 5,700.

There are differences in performance using a CISC base platform (windows) vs RISC (Solaris) when you start scaling the number of devices. My choice is the Anti-Windows one.


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