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Jun 19th, 2007


i want to clarify the diffrences between LMS and Campus MAnager, which one is more comprehnsive? and is it HP NNM will be better for LAN Managment?!


I have this problem too.
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David Stanford Tue, 06/19/2007 - 10:23

Campus Manager is one of the components of LMS (LAN Management Solutions)

In addition to Campus Manager, LMS comes with:

Common Services





It depends on what you want to do with NMS. LMS is for Cisco devices only, whereas NNM supports multiple vendors. Many customers integrate LMS with NNM.

Martin Ermel Wed, 06/20/2007 - 01:38

as davistan said, LMS is 'just' the name for a bundle of applications/components.

one of the main differences beside the fact that LMS can only be used for Cisco devices whereas NNM is a multi-vendor tool, is the fact that LMS can do extended config management but NNM has no possibility to do configuration management at all (in my opinion , currently this is the main reason - along with the endhost-tracking feature in LMS [called User Tracking] to have both, LMS and NNM).

in NNM you have the ability to do free defined periodic MIB poll, store and graph these results and generate reports; LMS 2.6 does not have according features (I think LMS 3.0 will have an add-on for this).


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