CSM3.02 CTMJrmServer: doesn't start

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Jun 20th, 2007
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hi to all!

I installed CSM 3.0.2

I've got RME update from 4.0.3 to 4.0.5

before this I made an automatic bake-up.

After restore it JRM daemon didn't start

it gives me this error:

CTMJrmServer: initializing daemon manager

CTMJrmServer: initialized daemon manager


com.cisco.nm.xms.ctm.common.CTMException: CTMServer::publish Cannot publish URN: ""JRM"". Reason : Registry Server did not respond

at com.cisco.nm.xms.ctm.server.CTMServer.publish(CTMServer.java:235)

at com.cisco.nm.xms.ctm.server.CTMServer.publish(CTMServer.java:182)

at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.CTMJobManagerServer.<init>(CTMJobManagerServer.java:69)

at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.CTMJobManagerServer.main(CTMJobManagerServer.java:34)


at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.util.logger.ServiceLogLevelChanger.notifyLevelChange(ServiceLogLevelChanger.java:41)

at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.util.logger.ServiceLogLevelChanger.notifyLevelChange(ServiceLogLevelChanger.java:61)

at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.CTMJobManagerServer.<init>(CTMJobManagerServer.java:56)

at com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.CTMJobManagerServer.main(CTMJobManagerServer.java:34)

[ mer giu 20 16:29:42 CEST 2007 ],INFO ,[main],com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.JobManagerExt,getJRM,117,getJRM: bind successful

[ mer giu 20 16:29:48 CEST 2007 ],INFO ,[main],com.cisco.nm.rmeng.jrmwrapper.server.JobManagerExt,getJRM,251,getJRM: SUCCESSFUL CONNECTION TO JRM.

thanks for any helps


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Joe Clarke Wed, 06/20/2007 - 08:06
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Did the restored data come from a different host, or have a different hostname associated with it? Did you aforementioned LiaisonServlet problems start after this restore?

Leonardo Roberto Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:55
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well... I have had a problem with liason servlet before this error.

So... I update the CSM 3.01 to 3.02.

no more liason servlet problem I have encounterd.

During, CSM 3.02 installation I answered yes to the automatic backup.

After the installation was completed.. I made a restore backup of automatic-backup directory.

after that RME has given that error.

The restore is made from the same host, but...

I tried to retore backup from a daily scheduled backup directory first. I don't remember what's happened... but maybe it was failed.

So... do you think I have to reinstall CSM 3.01? CSM 3.0.2 is more stable of CSM3.0.1?

Joe, I can reload devices manually, I didn't need to restore backup now.

I need to have a stable CSM.

CSM 3.0.1 was patched with all patchs found in download software. I have 200 devices license software for CSM 3.0.1. Can I upgrade to CSM 3.1 with the same license, or I have to purchase this one?

This case is critical because in this week we have the trial.

hope your helps.



Joe Clarke Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:59
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CTMJrmServer is specific to RME. I suggest if you have critical CSM questions, you take those up on one of the security forums, or open a TAC Service Request.

To debug the CTMJrmServer problem, the jrm.log and CTMJrmServer.log would be useful to see.


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