3548xl switch, 2600 router, Wireless bridge problem...

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Jun 20th, 2007
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Let me first start this off by saying that I am pretty new to cisco hardware. That being said let me elaborate on this problem.

I have some Teletronics TT 5800 point to point bridges running between buildings. Everything work well with them save for one building which has a cisco 3548xl switch and a 2600 router. My wireless bridge will go down within 5 minutes of plugging it into this current set up. It doesnt matter if I plug the bridge into either the switch or the router alone, it will still bring down my bridge. However it only seem to be down for the folks that are in that building. machines at the other buildings can still see into the building use the cisco as their gateway. As for the users at this problem building, they cannot see any of the other machines outside the building.

As a test I took the switch and router off line and plugged everyone into some basic linksys switches I had laying around and everything worked perfectly.

At any rate I am kind of stumped and was wondering if anyone else has come across a problem like this. Thanks in advance for any info.


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Mismatched basic settings are the most common causes of lost wireless connectivity. If the bridge does not associate with a remote bridge, check the following areas.


To associate, all bridges must use the same SSID. The bridge installation mode SSID is autoinstall and the normal mode default SSID is tsunami. You should verify that the SSID value shown on the Express Setup page is the same for all bridges. You should also verify that the bridges are configured for the proper network role; only one bridge can be configured as the root bridge.

Security Settings

Remote bridges attempting to authenticate to your bridge must support the same security options configured in the bridge, such as WEP, EAP or LEAP, MAC address authentication, Message Integrity Check (MIC), WEP key hashing, and 802.1X protocol versions.

If a non-root bridge is unable to authenticate to your root bridge, verify that the security settings are the same as your bridge settings


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