RSTP BPDU's through a Cisco PIX VPN

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I have a private fiber network connecting 5 locations together that uses RSTP for redundancy. I want to utilize Cisco PIX VPN over a public Internet connection as backup between to of these locations. Can this VPN link be configured to participate in RSTP? When the fiber goes down I want this backup link to go active.

Has anyone else done this using a VPN through the public Internet? I will be needing about 10mbs throughput on the backup link. Any advice on which PIX model to go with?



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This is certainly achievable.

A very easy method to achieve this, would be to use policy routes which can direct traffic according to the next hop is available or whether a route exists or does not exist.

The policy routes are very flexible in letting you route traffic depending on the above.

For simple networks this is reasonably effective. Across larger networks it may become cumbersome with greater number of interfaces.

The following link explains the set ip default next-hop and set ip next-hop commands and how they differ.

These commands used in route maps can be very effective to achieve the redundancy you want.

Hopefully this is of some help.



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