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Hi Carl,

Differences between OM1 & OM2

The OM2 production distribution includes fibers which are optimized over a broad wavelength range. The 500/500 or 400/400 specification can be met by fibers optimized

above 1300nm or below 850nm or at intermediate

wavelengths. The 500/500 spec can be met with fiber optimized for wavelengths well below 850nm.

In contrast, the OM1 production distribution does not include fibers optimized at 850nm; in order to meet the 1300nm 500MHz.km specification the fiber has to be optimized closer to 1300nm. This is also reflected in the product specification (i.e. 160/500)

OM1, OM2, OM3

Naming conventions for Multimode fibre optic transmission where distance limitations are 33, 82 and 300 meters respectively for a transmission speed of 10 Gbps. Frequency ? 200 / 500 Mhz / km, 500 / 500 Mhz / km and 1 500 / 5 Mhz / km respectively.

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