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I am currently working through a try and buy of the WAAS solution.

I have a data center connected via a T1 to a remote site. I have included an image of the test design. All three appliances are WAE-512's. As noted in the visio, I am using wccp for redirection.

As of now, CIFS optimization is great. I have been surprised at how well it works. To the user, being able to transfer a 50MB file over a T1 WAN link in a matter of 10 seconds is amazing.

The problem that I'm having is all other optimizations aside from CIFS. I can transfer a 3MB FTP file between sites multiple times, and it takes a minute each time. I would expect DRE to make the results similar to what I am experiencing with CIFS.

I am seeing the same lack of results with HTTP, backups, and any other bulk-data apps.

I forgot to include on the Visio that the WAES are version 4.0.11 b34.

Under the application policy's on the WAE's, I have the following:


map adaptor WAFS transport

name WAFS All action optimize full


map other optimize full

Any ideas?



I have this problem too.
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tblancha Fri, 06/22/2007 - 05:41

When a ftp session is occuring, if you issue a show tfo connection summary, do you see the IP addresses of the current session? Is it showing all T's or F's to the right hand side?

Through TAC, this was resolved this morning.

I wasn't matching the traffic in the redistribution list for wccp properly. I was matching 'permit tcp any edge-network' on the core, and 'permit tcp edge-network any' on the edge.

After adding 'permit tcp any core-network' on the core, and 'permit tcp core-network any' on the edge, everything began working.

I didn't take into account the redirected traffic. It's working great now.



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