Layer 3 QoS on 6500

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Jun 22nd, 2007

We have a small campus network, 3560/3570s used at the access level, 6500s w/ SUP720s at the core level. I've used a configuration as follows:

Access switches:

mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 54

mls qos


interface range fa0/1-48

description End user port

autoqos voip cisco-phone


interface range gig0/1-4

description Uplink to Core 6500

mls qos trust cos


Core Switches:

mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 54

mls qos


no mls flow ip

no mls flow ipv6


interface GigabitEthernet1/10

description Uplink to Access Switch

mls qos trust cos


interface PortChannel1

description Uplink to CoreB

mls qos trust cos


If I place a call between two phones on the same VLAN, I can verify the both DSCP and CoS values are being passed accordingly by using the "show mls qos interface <int> statistics" command. This works even when the phones are on two different access switches. So QoS at the Layer 2 happening just fine.

However, when I look at a call between two VLANs, I don't see the CoS or DSCP values making it from destination port. I'm concluding the Core 6500 is resetting these values to 0 when it does the Layer 3 translation.

To debug, I tried a simple MQC config:

class-map match-any VoIP

match ip dscp ef

match ip precedence 5


policy-map QoS-Test

class VoIP

trust dscp


interface Vlan110

description Layer 3 Interface for Phones in Building 1

service-policy input QoS-Test


#show policy-map interface Vlan110

Service-policy input: QoS-Test

class-map: VoIP (match-any)

Match: ip dscp ef

Match: ip precedence 5

trust dscp

Earl in slot 5 :

0 bytes

5 minute offered rate 0 bps

aggregate-forwarded 0 bytes

Class-map: class-default (match-any)

40 packets, 3860 bytes

5 minute offered rate 0 bps, drop rate 0 bps

Match: any

So it looks almost like the DSCP values are never hitting the 6500. Couple questions:

1) Should I be trusting just DSCP rather that CoS in this case?

2) Could "no mls flow" be interfering with QoS?

3) Are the empty stats in "show policy-map interface" simply because the interface isn't heavily loaded?

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chrihussey Mon, 06/25/2007 - 10:04

Are you running HSRP across the core switches for the VLANs?

How does the routing between the VLANs take place?

Is the port channel between the core switches configured as a trunk, if so what is the native VLAN and are you routing across this VLAN?

johnnylingo Tue, 06/26/2007 - 11:33

We do run HSRP, and routing between the VLANs takes place on the Core switches via SVIs. OSPF is the IGRP used. The port channel interfaces are 802.1Q trunks.

In any case, I found out my problems. On the trunk interfaces, I should have used "mls qos trust dscp" instead of "mls qos trust cos" to make sure QoS was working at the layer 3 level. I corrected this, and also found out one of the server distribution switches was missing "mls qos" from its global config. Once corrected, End to End QoS works perfectly.

I still get empty stats when doing the test Policy-Map on the SVI interface, but get plenty of numbers when applied to the physical interface. I vaguely remember reading that this is normal, but am not 100% sure on this.


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