akutra_oss Tue, 07/03/2007 - 07:18
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make sure that you have ip connectivity between AS and MGC's

run on cisco:

sh ss7 sm set

output must be something like this:

Session-set: 0

State = ACTIVE

Failover-timer = 5 secs.

State-debugging = OFF

Timer-debugging = OFF

2 Sessions:

session 0 session-state ACTIVE remote-host

session 1 session-state STANDBY remote-host

voicenoc44 Tue, 06/10/2008 - 08:05
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Hi akutra,

When I trying to use this command,

sh ss7 sm set 0

i' m get following output;

Session-set: 0

State = IDLE

Failover-timer = 5 secs.

State-debugging = OFF

Timer-debugging = OFF

4 Sessions:

session 0 session-state OOS remote-host

session 1 session-state OOS remote-host

session 2 session-state OOS remote-host

session 3 session-state OOS remote-host

1 SS7 Links:

7/0:15 (dig.) chan-id 0 variant ITU-White link-state OOS

pls check and help me to resolve....



[email protected]

anikas Mon, 10/01/2007 - 14:34
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  • Cisco Employee,

You need to runn the following debugs on the SLT to determine why MTP2 is down

From the intagrated SLT send the following commands and debugs:

deb ss7 mtp2 back 0

deb ss7 mtp2 iac 0

deb ss7 mtp2 lsc 0

deb ss7 mtp2 txc 0

deb ss7 mtp2 rcv 0

deb ss7 mtp2 aerm 0

deb ss7 sm session 0

Troubleshooting Cisco SLT Signaling


johanmattsson Fri, 10/05/2007 - 06:15
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As mention earlier in the thread please verify the session-set is up and running.

Please verify that before troubleshooting the actual mtp2 and signaling channel.

If that's done follow this procedure:

1. Restart AS and PGW

2. Verify netindicator

3. Recalculate PC

4. Verify SLC for the particular link

5. Verify timeslot on the C7iplnk

6. Verify Serial interface



interface Serial7/0:0

no ip address

encapsulation ss7

channel-id 0


7. Check E1/T1 controller



controller E1 7/0

framing NO-CRC4

channel-group 0 timeslots 1

pri-group timeslots 2-31 nfas_d primary nfas_int 10 nfas_group 0


subabar Thu, 06/12/2008 - 02:52
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Hi tareq,

Can you please check the if line protocol on serial interface 7/0:15 is up or down

also we see this message "mtp1 link Admin down"

can you please check if you have configured as below

interface Serial6/0:15

no ip address

encapsulation ss7

channel-id 0


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