NAT-PT Problem

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NAVIN PARWAL Thu, 11/08/2007 - 13:09


Saw your post, I am sorry I can answer. I am not as far ahead in NAT-PT as you. I am trying to do a simple example from CCO,but unable to get to work, when i try to ping from one side to the other and run debug ipv6 nat in the router running nat-pt, i get no translations found. Just so that I understand the logic correct, in your config:

ipv6 nat v4v6 source FD00:B00:FFFF:2::2

ipv6 nat v4v6 source fd00:b00:ffff:2::3

ipv6 nat v6v4 source FD00:B00:FFFF:1::2

ipv6 nat v6v4 source FD00:B00:FFFF:1::3

ipv6 nat v6v4 source FD00:B00:FFFF:1::4

ipv6 nat prefix FD00:B00:FFFF:2::/96

when you go from ipv4 side to ipv6 side, your first line in the config, what are you pinging from and what ip address are you pinging to make this work for you? please help.


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