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Jun 25th, 2007
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We are using IPCC Express premium edition. I need a help regarding below query:

Present Call Flow:

- Presently There are Two Groups are created: 1. ABC Support 2. XYZ Support

- Both the Groups are having there own Skill based Agents to attend the Call

- Presently Calls are Authenticated by CSID and call will be routed as per Customer requirement i.e., either to ABC support or XYZ Support.


- Need to create two sub groups in each support group.

- ABC Support Group and XYZ support group will have two separate sub groups ex: VIP and non-VIP.

- The VIP sub group in each Support group (ABC & XYZ) will have more priority than All other sub group.

- The Agent Group (Skilled) in each Group(ABC & XYZ Support) can handle both VIP & non-VIP sub group calls.

- Calls from VIP sub group will be answered first.

- If the non-VIP sub group is busy with the calls then VIP sub (assuming that no calls are waiting for VIP sub group) group can answer the next non-VIP sub group calls .

- If Both the sub groups are busy with calls then calls are put up in a Queue. The VIP Sub Group calls in a Queue will be serviced first.

- Each sub groups ( VIP & non-VIP) for ABC and XYZ Support will have there own DID numbers like , for ABC support the Sub groups DID numbers for ex:are 1001 and 1002 and for XYZ support the Sub Groups DID numbers are 2001 and 2002 ( sub Groups : VIP and non-VIP).

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