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Jun 25th, 2007

Why large files are not transferred by SMTP but are transferred by FTP? SMTP has error recovery => it is reliable like FTP.

I have this problem too.
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srue Mon, 06/25/2007 - 17:38

the whole purpose of FTP is to transfer files...

although you could technically do this with SMTP, most mail administrators don't want large files clogging their systems. There might be other technical problems like smtp timeouts, but i'm not sure.

neerav_kumar Mon, 06/25/2007 - 17:53

SMTP timeouts should not be a problem as I think it exists in FTP also. It is a feature of all reliable connections.

Edison Ortiz Mon, 06/25/2007 - 18:39

FTP is the ideal protocol for file transfer. It allows to manipulate files/folder at the FTP server such as copy, rename, delete among others.

It also allows you to resume downloads, which is a big deal for large downloads.

FTP is also a pull and push file transfer protocol while SMTP is only a push file transfer protocol. You can not pull files from a SMTP server on demand. To pull files, you must use POP3 protocol or IMAP.


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