Comptia A+ & Network + Before CCNA...?

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Jun 26th, 2007

Just looking for some advice.

I'm a total beginner just venturing into the networking arena and was trying to get some opinions. I'm thinking of taking a CCNA/CCNP combined course but was wondering whether i need to take a comptia A+/network + first or would a CCNA foundation course be enough. Rather than just a yes or no could you give me reasons and advantages/disadvantages. Any advice would be appreciated - cheers :)

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steve_steele Tue, 06/26/2007 - 21:07

A+ won't really help as thats mostly desktop related.

N+ would help with some of the basics but once you pass CCNA I would not expect anyone to be interested in the N+ cert.

The official CCNA material is pretty comprehensive and covers the required information.

Hope this helps, Good luck.

jrensink78 Thu, 06/28/2007 - 06:10

Personally, I did have my A+ and Network+ certifications before I started on my CCNA. The A+ really isn't applicable to the Cisco certifications. But I thought it was a great certification and really helped to give me a good foundation for computers in general. But if you don't really care about desktops/laptops that much, just skip it.

Network+ is great for helping you get a good foundation for networking. It's really focused on the basics.

The CCNA exam does cover these basics as well, but it's only a part of the overall subject matter that you need to know. As a result, you'll be spending a lot more for your study time on other Cisco specific areas.

My recommendation would be to take the 2 months (give or take) to get your Network+ certification and really get those basic networking concepts internalized. It will make the next step of getting the CCNA that much easier. But if you just want to go for the Cisco certs as fast as possible, skip it.

fthommi69 Thu, 06/28/2007 - 09:45

i have the A+, Net+ & CCNA and i reckon the Net+ would defintely assist with ur network knowledge and would be an intro to the CCNA semester 1 (which is general networking) for the CNAP.

The CompTIA A+ is not so much related to networking (though it has 15% questions on networking) but as a beginning i would suggest to prepare to the CompTIA A+ certification cause it would give u a good working knowledge of the core hardware and operating systems which would help during any CCNA course (in terms of basic computer knowledge) as well as the A+ is a looked after certification in the industry. That would certainly boost ur job prospects in the future.


I took the Network+ class, but didn't bother with the certification. I found the class to be pretty basic stuff, but still useful information as I prepared for the CCNA Certification. I opted for the 2 test approach to the CCNA, first Intro which was also pretty basic and covered the Network+ material at a slightly higher level. The ICND then added even more detail to the mix.

Depending on what You really know, Network+ is a good first step and will give you an idea if networking is for you.


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