Any gadget to force a device to use only 10Mbits/s

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We have a devcice with an Ethernet port supposed to be capable of using both 10Mbits/s and 100Mbits/s. Unfortunately the device is unreliable when using 100Mbits/s, so we have to force it to use 10Mbits/s by connecting it to an old 10Mb hub and connect the hub to the network to use it. I am wonderin if there is any gadget that is much smaller than a hub to force the device to use 10Mbits/s when connecting it to the network.

Any tip would be greatly appreciated.

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Wed, 06/27/2007 - 11:27


Whay do you connect the hub into ? - presumably a switch port.

Could you not just connect your gadget into one of your network switches and hardcode the speed and duplex on the port to match the speed and duplex of your gadget.


Thanks for your response!

Let me try to put a long story short. This is a device designed by ourselves. It could be used at many places (e.g. hospitals, homes, etc.). We cannot change the device to use only 10Mbits/s, at least, not now. We just want to add something as handy as possible to the Ethernet port to force it to use only 10Mbits/s.



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