vitripat Wed, 06/27/2007 - 16:25
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I checked your configuration and SSH is configured-

ssh outside

Can you try generating crypto keys as-

ASA(config)# crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024

WARNING: You have a RSA keypair already defined named .

Do you really want to replace them? [yes/no]: yes

Keypair generation process begin. Please wait...


Note: you may need to configure domain name for running above command.

HTTP access from outside is not configured for subnet, you can use following command-

http outside

However, you need to make sure that compatible ASDM image is installed in ASA flash and that ASA is pointing to the correct ASDM image using following command, for example:

asdm image disk0:/asdm-522.bin

Telnet access is not available from outside.

Please try above and let me know if these help.



mx Wed, 06/27/2007 - 16:29
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Thank yo ufor the response Vibhor. I did do a key regen, I forgot to mention that. I can replace it though, no problem.

The asdm image is OK, it works from the inside.


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