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stephen2615 Mon, 07/02/2007 - 02:46
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I am sure other CCIE's in Storage Networking may know more about this but as a person aspiring towards this certification, let me comment on this.

Get a copy of Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals by James Long (Cisco Press). It offers some mundane but extremely useful information on how FC works. You can bet the theory exam will ask questions related to that book.

Meanwhile, as a bare minimum do the following course:

MDSCT ? MDS 9000 Configuration and Troubleshooting v2.1, 5 days

It will give you the knowledge you really need to know how to manage the MDS. There are other courses but they tend to mix a bit with what you already learnt with the MDSCT. I did the MDSCT course and immediately felt confident with managing the MDS.

If you want to do SAN Extension with FCIP, also do:

CMSE ? Cisco Multiprotocol Storage Networking Essentials v1.1, 5 days

I know that in the US and probably Europe, you can do SAN type Cisco boot camps that give you some knowledge of what to expect when doing the CCIE exams. However, you will need to support the MDS on a day to day basis for a period of time in the order of at least a year before I would suggest attempting any exams. One day I will get around to it.

If you are familiar with IOS, you could pick it up relatively easily. If you are familiar with Brocade or McData switches, you will at least understand the basics of a SAN fabric. You will learn to love the CLI especially when debugging issues. There is no comparison between Brocade and Cisco switches. If you are game you can actually make all Cisco switches belong to one fabric and feel confident doing it.

Aim for good classes with some time to practice what you learnt and get plenty of experience and ask the forum questions.



colin.mcnamara Tue, 07/03/2007 - 17:31
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Stephen mentioned the main courses offered, which are focused towards the storage networking support and design exams.

The only storage CCIE course I know of is run by IEmentor. Roman and Victor run the show there, and are pretty cool guys.


skurganov Thu, 07/12/2007 - 11:49
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Firefly has good technical guys, have at least one storage CCIE and run CCIE boot camps.


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