ZoneSet configurations were different in a fabric?!

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Dear All,

There are 2 MDS9216 Switches in our client's environment.

One Switch has 2 VSAN, and 2 ZoneSets.

I always setup it at first Switch.

Some day I add a zone to existing ZoneSet

at "Second" Swtich.

The result was surprised me!!!

Only the new Zone was enable and previous Zones were disable...

This behavia is normal or not?

I have this problem too.
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inch Sun, 07/01/2007 - 01:17


This is normal. You will always need to perform zoning on your primary switch and then apply the zoneset.



Dear Andrew,

May I use following command to solve the issue?

Saving Startup Configurations in the Fabric

You can use Cisco Fabric Services (CFS) to instruct the other switches in the fabric to save their configurations to their local NVRAM.

NVRAM using the following copy command:

switch# copy running-config startup-config fabric

Best Regards,


inch Sun, 07/01/2007 - 15:47

Hi Dennis,

Before you save, you should do a "show run diff". This will show you the differences from the running and startup config.

If you perform a zone change on one switch, then activate it. Perform the "show run diff" and you will notice the zone/zoneset changes are visible on both switches.



Dear Andrew,

If I will perform zoning on the primary switch and then apply the zoneset.

This will cause both of configurations are different.

What happened? The two SAN Switches reload the system.

Or The Primary Switch died and reload the second SAN Swtich.

This will lose the previous zoning configuration?

Thanks for your replay.


inch Sun, 07/01/2007 - 15:51

Hi Dennis,

I am guessing from your question that you don't have a core/edge topology.

You should perform zoning changes on one switch and then save config's on the other switch's you have.

I hope all this helps! :)



stephen2615 Sun, 07/01/2007 - 16:11


I am confused about what you are doing here. Are both the 9216i switches completely seperate? In other words, there is no ISL between them and both are principal switches. If they are seperate, no amount of zoning on one switch should update the other switch especially with WWN zoning.

So let us know if the switches are connected via ISL's or not. Going by the first post, only two switches would indicate they are completely standalone and you have two seperate fabrics.


inch Mon, 07/02/2007 - 14:40


You will need to run the "cop run sta" command on each switch.




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