Wilson Samuel Mon, 07/02/2007 - 05:06
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Hi Joel,

I have had passed the CCDA DESGN exam in 2004 (I dont recall the number exactly) and ARCH in Apr 2007.

Needless to say, DESGN exam was cleared in the 3rd attempt and same is true with the ARCH exam, however I dont want you to be scared about it.

The only thing to be noted is the Cisco's pattern is quite different for the Design Exams, over here they really seek the following:-

1. Crystal clear idea and memorization of ALL CISCO Network Terminologies ie Cisco Enterprise Architecture along with the information at the moderate level of all the Technologies involved.

2. Practice Desig based question where you are forced to think about the correct answer, as things are not Black and White all the time.

3. If possible use both Cisco Student Guide and Cisco Study Guide (or Self paced kit) however aim the Blue Print, you MUST cover EVERYTHING from the Exam Blue print.

I did learn the same things after 2 attempts.. :-(

Anyways, it was worth studying and paying for the exams.

All the Best!!

I hope that helps,

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Kind Regards,

Wilson Samuel


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