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Jul 2nd, 2007

Dear All,

i want to know where Class A,B, C .. like that is also avalable in IPv6 (Like IPv4), if yes what is that range, if not how it will be divided, I know Subnetting in IPv4, like that Ipv6 also having or not, if anybody having that Documents pls foward to me

I have this problem too.
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ravishankar.ipv6 Sat, 08/04/2007 - 01:55


there is no class n ipv6

the ipv4 has classes for the efficient use on number of host n network bits.

in ipv4 there are only 4.3 billion of the 6.5 billion population so we need to care that it should be allocated efficiently

but n ipv6 there are 3.4 * 10 ^38 so each individual in the universe can have more than 1000 of address

so there is no need of classes

for more info u can refer....

www.cisco.com/ipv6 -> presentation of ipv6 addressing concepts.

hope u will enjoy reading this ..

ne more info feel free to mail me



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