EIGRP and networks interfaces

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Jul 2nd, 2007

I am trying to migrate from RIP to EIGRP the network. I am using in all netwok 10.x.x.x . Shall i advertise in each router the interfaces with or write exactly the network using also wildmask. What't the difference. Of course using is easier.



I have this problem too.
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Harold Ritter Mon, 07/02/2007 - 09:55


Using the wild card mask is more granular and comes handy if you do not want to include all interfaces that fall into the network you specify. If all interfaces have to be included anyway, you could just use the network statement without the wild card mask.

Hope this helps,

royalblues Mon, 07/02/2007 - 09:56

The wildcard mask specified along with the EIGRP network statements allows granularity in selecting the interfaces where you want EIGRP to run.

By default EIGRP assumes the major classful network when you do not use the wildcard mask.

for eg, if you have a router with 2 interfaces with ip addresses and respectively, without the wildcard mask with the networl statement would start eigrp on botn the interfaces. if you want only one of the interfaces to run eigrp, you would require a subnet mask to be configured

router eigrp 100


The above statement starts eigrp only the interface with the subnet and not on the

HTH, rate if it does



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