Can i Use Cisco 3560-E series switch in the distribution

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Can i use cisco 3560-E switch in the distrubution layer of the network which has that can give a functionality of routing and switch functionality.Or it is better to substitute it with other MLS switch like cisco 3750-E. Please have the network topolgy of the network that i am going to use this switch. Also i heard that i must buy IOS per IP from Cisco to use this swithc in L3/L2.

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Pavel Bykov Tue, 07/03/2007 - 06:37
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That's quite a number of switches. Are those 2950 going to be with gigabit uplink? or just FE uplink?

3750 is very similar to 3560. 3750 has STACKWISE, which is very usefull for redundancy when you have 3750's close to each other, as in Data Center environment.

Each HW is purchased with a license from cisco. Basic license has very limited routing capabilities. Advanced IP Services has all of the routing capabilities you'll most likely need. So it does not matter if you buy 3560 or 3750, but the type of license you buy with it.

royalblues Tue, 07/03/2007 - 07:02
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Any Layer3 switch for that matter can be used as a distribution switch.

The choice should depend upon the traffic you are going to expect and the throughput you desire

Have a look at the attached document for switch performance



So according to the topology that i have now do u think that this cisco 3560 switch is capable of doing there job in distribution as a L3/L2 switch with out the problem. Actually the number of the hosts in the network is too small for the time being may be more hosts are added in the future. so that according to the topology that u saw it in the attachment can cisco 3560 capable of doing there work.

Thanks for the reply>

Yea all 2950 switch are fastEthernet's switch. But my dout is that the routing functionality of the cisco 3560 switch that i am going to select it. Actually the amount of traffic that is routed in the network is not as such big. So do u mean that according to the topology that i can use this cisco 3560 switch.

royalblues Tue, 07/03/2007 - 08:07
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The 3560 should work fine as a distribution switch in your case


Amit Singh Tue, 07/03/2007 - 08:30
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3560-E and 3750-E are eventually the same only the stacking feature is different.You can use either of those. 3560-E should suffice the need.

-amit singh


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