VPN sessions disconnects often on PIX 6.3 ver.

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Jul 3rd, 2007


we have establised site-to-site vpn & it is been working for quite a long time, now the problem is very often say 30-40 ping requests i get 4-5 request timed out, that time my ssh sessions via vpn getz disconnectz & again i need to start a separate ssh session to the vpn to my remote end. the vpn's public IP address pings perfect without any request timed out, only problem is the vpn private address where i face the problem, i doubted the ISP, but they are very clear the there is no packet drop. can you help me this regd. what went wrong & what is making my vpn sessions getting disconnecting often?

Note: there is no problem on the remote end server also, its not only with 1 ip address on the remote, itz for all the private ip address. & that it is happening only from my end & not from any of our other networks, bcoz they can ping perfect & working fine when connecting to the remote end where my vpn is also connected.

I have this problem too.
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Anand S Tue, 07/03/2007 - 23:24

k lemme explain the scenario,

HQ in US, all the other branch officess site-to-to site vpn is working perfect which is connected to HQ, only my vpn session(which is one of the branch) is getting disconnected often.

i tried a continuous ping to the HQ public ip address, it is pinging perfectly, but when i tried pinging the private ip address via VPN, i get request timed out 1ce in every 30-40 pings, bcoz of this, when i do an SSh to the servers in my HQ, the SSH sessions are getting disconnected.

jaffer_sathik2010 Wed, 07/04/2007 - 01:38


I also suspect that this might be because of timeout values. so, can you please increase the isakmp 'ideal timeout' value as well as isakmp 'keep alive' value and let me know the result ?


Anand S Sun, 07/08/2007 - 00:24

Hey Tim & Jaffer,

thanks for ur reply, actually the probz is not related in watt u hav mentioned, the actually probz is there are 2 static routes given to my pix in the remote location, so thatz the reason it vpn was disconnecting often.

since the remote end internet load babalcer has given routes with 2 different ISP's ip address, where the load balancing was not performing properly, the probz has occured. later that probz has been rectified and it is working fine & i hav confirmed after observing it for 1 day.


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