VLAN Access Maps and HSRP, OSPF

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Jul 5th, 2007

Hi all,

I have created a VLAN that will house our printers.

The VLAN is served by two c3750 switches running HSRP.

I want to filter traffic on the VLAN interface to allow only a specific network and host to have full access to the VLAN, but allow everyone else to ping.

Ive created an extended IP access list as follows:

ip access-list extended printeraccess

permit ip any

permit ip host any

permit icmp any any

I then apply this with an access map as follows:

vlan access-map printer 10

match ip address printeraccess

action forward

vlan filter printer vlan-list 106

This all works fine, except HSRP is now blocked, and OSPF also.

I add the following line to the access-list to allow HSRP:

permit udp any any eq 1985

After this the HSRP cluster comes back to life, but no other communication is allowed over the VLAN - not even the ICMP.

As soon as I remove this statement again, ICMP and IP access starts working but the HSRP cluster falls over.

I will eventually need to add permit ospf any any. But I wanted to get this sorted first.

Any ideas?



I have this problem too.
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Amit Singh Thu, 07/05/2007 - 10:32


Check, what "show access-list printeraccess " shows you. I would recommend to delete the entire ACL and then rewrite it and then apply to the Vlan access Map.

ip access-list extended printeraccess

permit udp any any eq 1985

permit ospf any any

permit ip any

permit ip host any

permit icmp any any

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

misd.network.support Mon, 07/09/2007 - 06:06


Ive tried recreating the Access List several times. The syntax is definitely correct.

As soon as I remove the permit udp any any eq 1985 statement from the Access list everything springs into life. As soon as I add it again, everything is dropped.

Ive tried on swapping the active roles on the HSRP and applying the access list on the other switch too. Exactly the same result.


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