VIC2-4FXO port problem, Hardware ???

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Hi everyone, i am new to this site...

I just installed 2x VIC2-4FXO on a 2801 router, on the 1st card, the last port (0/0/3) have the IN USE amber led on since I installed the card, but much brighter than normal... and the port isn't working at all. Any suggestion ?

Software version, 12.4(11)XJ3

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 07/05/2007 - 17:40

Perhaps it got stuck. Try shut no/shut the voice-port, but if it stays like that you have to reload the router. If it stays like that and no line connected, is defective.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

i tried shutdown and no shutdown couples of time before, didn't help, but this problem appeared when I installed this card few weeks ago (brand new router with brand new card). I also reloaded the router couple of time since then... I was wondering if there was a way to hard reset the card ... I guess it is defective ! thanks for the reply !

I am also having an issue with thoses external FXO port, poor line quality, bad audio and i am also having a delay between the time i dial an external number to the PSTN and the connection, about 5 sec...


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