switch 3750 and 3560

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Amit Singh Fri, 07/06/2007 - 08:05

They both are the same except that 3750 switches support stacking funcationality with High spedd stacking bus and 3560 switches do not support that. Rest everything is same and they are the same hardware.

HTH,please rate if it does.

-amit singh

lifeisgreat Sat, 07/07/2007 - 07:51

Hi Amit,

Let's say I have 2 X C3560 switches and want to stack it with C3750G switch , is this possible ?

Edison Ortiz Sat, 07/07/2007 - 08:19

stack them, no. uplink them, yes.

3560s do not have the stacking port in the rear of chassis, therefore it is physically impossible.

valdesp250503 Sun, 07/15/2007 - 22:14


Without using the stackwise technology, how many 3560 catalyst can I use within the network? This is using the SFP between switches and a CAT 6 cable from 1st switch to last.

misd.network.support Mon, 07/16/2007 - 00:11

If you are using standard Spanning-Tree/PVST+ with default timers, it is recommended your network has a diameter of 7 hops as bpdu's are sent every 2 seconds, 2x7 = 14, which is within the default forward delay of 15 seconds.

If you SFP between your switches, then each switch will be a hop. Joining the 1st switch to the last switch can reduce the hop count - you may have to tinker with Spanning-tree to make that link desirable for use.

I don't think the same recommendations apply with Rapid Spanning-tree - but its a good idea to keep hop count to a minimum if possible.

The 3750's are more flexible, id use them given the choice.

valdesp250503 Mon, 07/16/2007 - 00:21

Thanks for the reply. The company would like to use 3560 for now as a standard as the 3750 are still too expensive.

My concern is the number of switches in one network (150 users max). We also use MST defining all the VLANs used. Does this mean there is no limitation on the number of switch use with the network if we decide to expand say to 300 users with currently 8 3560 switches and obviously adding another 6 switches on top of the existing 8.

All terminate to the 3700 router as the default gateway to the Internet and 2800 for Voice

misd.network.support Mon, 07/16/2007 - 00:25

How many VLANs do you have?

MST is a pain as there are no automated mechanisms for applying the configuration to all switches within an MST domain.

You might find it simpler to use Rapid-PVST+ and just set the primary root and secondary root bridge for each VLAN - unless you have hundreds of VLANs.

For a few VLANs the overhead of running Rapid-PVST+ is not big.

I don't think you will have problems on the basis of expanding to 300 users.

If you use VoIP or other time critical services, keeping switch hops to a minimum is good - otherwise on something that scale, its not really an issue.

valdesp250503 Wed, 07/18/2007 - 21:37


Majority of our offices world wide would have an average of 100 VLANs. Some our less to a minimum of 50 VLANs.

So it all depends on the STP running on the switches? All switch ports would be configures with switchport voice vlan # for Cisco IP Phone POE. Average of 8 catalyst 3560 on one network but we are thinking of upgrading our switch stack to more. I want to know what are the limitations....



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