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Jul 6th, 2007
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we have a Cisco Content Services Switch model 11501 that load balances between 4 application servers. The credit card module a component of the application servers mysteriously stopped working. When we put a trace on the line we observed multiple transactions coming from an unknown device. The Mac Address is 00-13-c3-2a-43-ab. The Cisco Content Services switch has a Base Mac Address of 00-13-c3-2a-43-a8. I need to know what IOS command will identify which Mac address are assigned to which Ethernet port.

I would appreciate if somone could help me on this.


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cscarindam14 Fri, 07/06/2007 - 13:57
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Hi Thanks for yours prompt reply.

Is there any other IOS commands which helps us in this case?

cscarindam14 Fri, 07/06/2007 - 14:02
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Hi Petronio,

I just want to clarify it. Did you mean "show arp m8" ; just wanted to know whts this m8 all about.

Best Regards,


b.petronio Fri, 07/06/2007 - 14:18
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Heheh, no

the "m8" is only a aberviation for "mate" .. ehhehe, and is not part of the command.


b.petronio Fri, 07/06/2007 - 14:09
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I really dont know any other on CSS.

But, it doesnt identify the IP with "show arp" ?? In the last column it says on which port is seen.


CSS_2# show arp

ARP Resolution Table:

IP Address MAC Address Type Port 00-de-ad-be-ef-04 dynamic e9 00-de-ad-be-ef-05 dynamic e9 00-14-5e-1c-a8-f0 dynamic e9 00-0b-db-e7-a0-a0 dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-1c dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-24 dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-3c dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-1e dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-0c dynamic e9 00-14-5e-7b-41-3a dynamic e9 00-14-5e-1c-a9-3e dynamic e9 00-16-35-65-1d-e7 dynamic e9 00-0b-db-e7-93-35 dynamic e9 00-14-5e-c5-a0-40 dynamic e9 00-19-bb-3e-8b-ee dynamic e9 00-19-bb-33-88-46 dynamic e9 00-30-05-98-9c-c0 dynamic e9 00-1a-4b-4a-0e-46 dynamic e9 00-1a-4b-e5-85-3e dynamic e9 00-03-ba-06-e8-38 dynamic e9 00-03-ba-06-e4-64 dynamic e9 00-03-ba-06-e8-38 dynamic e9 00-1b-0c-82-ac-a5 dynamic e2 00-03-ba-06-e4-61 dynamic e1 00-03-ba-06-e8-35 dynamic e1 00-03-ba-06-e8-35 dynamic e1

With the "show chassis " command, u could sees the Base Mac Address of the equipment.

Best Regards,


cscarindam14 Fri, 07/06/2007 - 14:26
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lolz sorry for "m8" confusion!! :)

Ah I guess this is what I was looking for. Will let you know if this really works out for me.


Best Regards,


RODRGUTI Sat, 07/14/2007 - 17:08
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If you want to know the mac addresses for the interfaces run this command:

CSS# show miibi

And if you need to know the mac address of the CSS, you can use this command:

CSS# llama

CSS(debug)# ip if

Hope this help.

- Rodrigo

cscarindam14 Sat, 07/14/2007 - 17:17
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Hello Rodrigo,

Could you please confirm the command again.

is it "show rniibi" ??

RODRGUTI Mon, 07/16/2007 - 07:35
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Sorry, the command is:

CSS# show mibii.



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