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Jul 10th, 2007


I have configured up a content switch for a customer of ours that is having a new oracle solution installed.

There are 6 oracle servers, 3 database and 3 application.

I have configured up 1:1 contents as well are a 3:1 content to loadbalance the webfront end. I did this so that the developers can still access the servers.

This all works fine, accept for a few issues:-

1. When an FTP session is initiated to any of the servers, the inital TCP handshake is passed, but then the session drops out and no FTP data is passed. I used a sniffer on this and the content switch is sending a TCP RST as soon as the first ftp packet leaves the server after the TCP handshake.

2. When one of the oracle servers (on the 10.50.98.x addresses) tries to make a conenction out (for sending data to a printer) this doesn't work at all. After a quick look, I realised that I needed to put on an acl to push to an outbound group. I used the config:-

group outbound

vip address


acl 1

clause 50 permit any any destination any

clause 15 permit any destination any sourcegroup outbound

clause 10 permit any destination

apply circuit-(VLAN18)

acl enable


This then stopped the box from doing anything....

Do I have the routing wrong on the box? Is there futher config that needs configuring to enable FTP to work properly?

Do I need to be more specific with my acl for the traffic coming from 10.50.98.x ?

Many thanks in advance,


** Config enclosed **

I have this problem too.
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leighharrison Tue, 07/10/2007 - 05:57


I've been doing some work on the FTP and it works fine in port mode using IE.

I'll get the Passive config sorted - does anyone have any good links?



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