Rob Huffman Tue, 07/10/2007 - 06:54

Hi Suntell,

Sorry to say there is no upgrade path from CCM 4.2 to CCM 5.X :( Have a look;

Existing customers using Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 will be able to upgrade to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0 release.

From this doc;

Note, this thread with an excellent answer from Jorge @ Cisco;

CLIP "Correct, neither CCM 4.2(1) nor CCM 4.2(3) are able to upgrade to CCM 5. But they will be able to upgrade to CCM 6."

CCM 4.2 (CCM 4.3) to CCM 5.0/5.1 is not currently supported. Have a look at this excerpt from an excellent upgrade doc;

Upgrade from Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0

This upgrade is currently not supported.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


Rob Huffman Tue, 07/10/2007 - 08:22

Hi Randy,

Sorry about that, I saved that link a few months ago and now it seems to be lost :) I have added some new references that show that CCM 4.2 cannot be upgraded to any release in the 5.x train. I didn't mean to send you on a wild goose chase;

Compatability Matrix;!A26

DMA migrates data for Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Emergency Responder, as specified in the following sections.

DMA assists you with the first step in migrating Cisco Unified CallManager data from versions 4.0(x) and 4.1(x) to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1(1) by backing up this data in a format that Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1(1) can read. Cisco Unified CallManager 4.1(x) runs in a Windows environment, and Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1(1) runs in a Linux environment, so DMA exports Windows-based data to a format that Linux can import. The Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1(1) installation process converts the backed up data as needed for Cisco Unified CallManager 5.1(1), which completes the data migration.

From this good DMA doc;

Here is another thread with confirmation from Mahesh @ Cisco that 4.2 to 5.x is not supported;

Hope this helps! I don't know why this info is so hard to find. But I am certain in the accuracy that 4.2 will only be able to upgrade to the latest 6.x train :)


suntelltd Tue, 07/10/2007 - 21:55

Hi Rob,

What is the possibility of upgrading CallManager 4.1 to 5.1 . If this possible please let me know some sample steps to follow

mchandak Wed, 07/11/2007 - 00:42

Yes, this is very much possible and supported as well.

The simple steps to upgrade from CM 4.1 to 5.1 is:

1. Run Upgrade assistant and confirm that the system is stable and upgrade would not cuse an issue.

2. Take a Backup of your 4.1 system using BARS. This would be needed incase your upgrade fails and you need to revert back to CM 4.1.

3. Install DMA and take a backup on the 4.1 system. You need to ensure that not only the backup was sucessful, but even verification was. I've seen many issues where the backup completed but it failed during Verification and even led to an upgrade Failure.

4. Upgrade to CM 5.1

DMA, Upgrade Assistant and Upgrade documentation is available at

For information about BARS, please refer:

To Download BARS:

File Names:


Release Notes for Cisco IP Telephony Backup and Restore System Utility (BARS)


Cisco IP Telephony Backup and Restore System Utility (BARS)

Uprade Assistant:

File Names:


Cisco Unified CallManager Upgrade Utility (UA), 4.3(1), a universal version of non-intrusive upgrade tool that detects the health of servers before upgrading to Cisco CM 3.3(5), 4.0(2a), 4.1(2), 4.1(3), 4.2(1), 4.2(2a),4.2(3), 4.3(1), & 5.x 4.3(1)


Readme for Cisco Unified CallManager Upgrade Utility (UA), release 4.3(1)


File Names:


Readme for Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Data Migration Assistant (DMA) saves CallManager and applications' data in the Windows OS for upgrade to CallManager running on Linux OS

Hope this helps.

Rob Huffman Wed, 07/11/2007 - 07:08

Hi Mahesh,

Fantastic answer here! This info can be used by many others for their 4.1 to 5.1 blueprint guide. 5 points from Calgary all day long :)

Take care,


mchandak Wed, 07/11/2007 - 07:12

Thanks Rob.

Was trying to post a note similiar to yours, providing as much info as possible :-)


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