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Custom Report

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Jul 10th, 2007
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I am attempting to make a custom report using Infomaker pulling calls out of the TCD table.

I want to give the user the ability to pull a report, but let them pick from a list of Call Disposition codes they would like to pull. i.e all calls between start/end date with a disposition code of 23 or 1

Does anyone know how I can create a list of codes so that the user can select which codes they would like to see? Kind of like when you pick a list of 'call types' for a call type report.



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If you look at the database schema document and examine the Termination_Call_Detail table, you will see that the field:

* WrapupData

* Data entered by the agent during call wrap- up.

* varchar(40)


is not a foreign key in any other table. I think it's a free form field and you can't get the call disposition codes from the database. If you created those as registry entries for CTIOS, I think that is the only place they exist. I could be wrong of course ... but I'm interested in wrap-up data too and your question is a good one.



For Logout reason code information is in t-Agent_Logout and/or Agent_Skill_group_logout.

NotReady code is in Agent_Event_Detail.

Wrapup code in TCD.

All these codes shall be defined in CTIOS desktop, while Notready code need to define in ICM Configuration Manager-Reason Codes.



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