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Jul 10th, 2007

I have failed Three times. The last two I got an 820.

I have three questions.

1. Subnet

A certain Number of Host "EXAMPLE ONLY" (4000 users)

A certain Number of subnets "EXAMPLE ONLY" (10 Subnets)

Class B

It should be

But the exams question also said that Rip V1 is being used.

Rip V1 is classfull, so I cannot use VLSM

I say this because another choice was which does not support enough users, but is the only classful choice.

2. I got a scenario that asked you to complete layer 3 configurations. The IP addresses were already there. One SM was wrong, and I did ping across the network.

My question is, when you do the sims do you have to use certain commands in order to pass or does it not matter as long as the network is functioning.

3. Lastly I used the comment button. How long does it take for Cisco to respond (if they do respond?

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lambourneb Wed, 07/18/2007 - 21:42


Question one is : Gives you 4 subnet bits 2^4-2 (12 Subnets) and 12 Host bits 2^12-2 (4094 hosts/users).

Question 2. Unsure I did a sim in intro exam where network didn't work but I had done config as asked, must of got it right as got 900 in intro.

3. My understanding is Cisco don't respond to feed back.

delatobanoah Sun, 07/22/2007 - 00:39

I think you need to study more about classless and calssful routing. I believe you are mistaken at the meaning. Also as long as you config right the commands do not matter. If the sim takes the command then you can use it. I'd suggest returning to your studies for a while before trying again.

Noah Delatoba


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