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Jul 12th, 2007
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We are trying to set up content routing on an SSL flow, and hence need to use both front-end and back-end SSL for the flow.

I understand that the service IP and port must correspond to the server ip and port for the backend-server defined in the ssl-proxy list.

What should the VIP and Port of the backend-server be for this kind of backend-server? Can it be the same IP address as the server-IP and a different port number?

Does it have to match the HTTP port number for the backend content rule?

Also, does the backend-server need to be activated, or does the activation of the ssl-proxy-list do the job?


ssl-proxy-list ssllist1

ssl-server 252

ssl-server 252 vip address

ssl-server 252 port 443

ssl-server 252 cipher rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha 8080

ssl-server 252 rsacert myrsacert1

ssl-server 252 rsakey myrsakey1

backend-server 31

backend-server 31 ip address

backend-server 31 port 17112

backend-server 31 server-ip

backend-server 31 server-port 7112

backend-server 31 cipher rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha

backend-server 31 rsacert myrsacert1

backend-server 31 rsakey myrsakey1

backend-server 32

backend-server 32 ip address

backend-server 32 port 17122

backend-server 32 server-ip

backend-server 32 server-port 7122

backend-server 32 cipher rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha

backend-server 32 rsacert myrsacert1

backend-server 32 rsakey myrsakey1


service sslulb3svr0

type ssl-accel

slot 6

keepalive type none

add ssl-proxy-list ssllist1


service ssluportal1-1

type ssl-accel-backend

keepalive type ssl

keepalive frequency 60

keepalive retryperiod 255

add ssl-proxy-list ssllist1

ip address

port 7112


Those with answers, please help.

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