VB6 Sample Code for CTI desktop agent

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The Win32 CIL install of the toolkit includes a VB.NET example. You want to use that instead of the older Visual Basic examples that came with previous versions of the toolkit.

If you have modified the VB sample code in the past I suggest you start with the VB.NET example and cut your custom code into that.

If you like you can use the Microsoft VB6 to VB.NET migration tool to convert your customized version from VB6 to VB.NET to see how it works. But cut the edits in by hand and insert them into the Cisco sample.

It's the only way to be sure.



easternsolo Sun, 07/15/2007 - 20:49

Thanks alot Geoff

Actually I have to make ocx with VB6, that I will use with my web application. This the only reason, I am looking VB6 sample code to build web control.




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