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Jul 16th, 2007
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I have set up the Ooutboudn Dialer. Cna some oen tell me the what I need to do for my campign running.

I have configured the Campaign in the ICm. But gettign struck at the Scriptign stage.

Thank you,

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Before you start on this, do you have an agent-based campaign working?

Make it progressive with no over-dialing and ensure that you have the scripting (routing and admin) worked out. Make sure you have correctly configured the campaign, the import and query rules etc, dialing times and all that junk completely sorted out and understood. Learn how the dumprt in the campaign manager works and make sure you understand all the colums in the trace that pops out of baDialer every 5 seconds. Make the font smaller and set the window wide so you see all of this. Use procmon to up the trace on the baDialer so you see the CTISVR and dialing events.

You should have a simple import file with one line, copying that to where import is watching and have it rename the file as .bak. Get a feel for how long it takes the dialer to call after dropping the import file in place. You will build on the dialer and must be working faultlessly.

Now to change the campaign to an IVR campaign, just edit that type, set it to have AMD, and then edit the skill group page. Make sure your agent is now logged out.

Set the number of ports you want to use (say 5) and add the route point.

If you look at the Dialer trace now, you will now see that it thinks 5 agents belong to this campaign and are ready to go. Those are your ports.

The route point must be owned by the JTAPI ICM PG user. When the dialer calls a customer and they answer, the other end is transferred to your route point and this should run a script. So you need to configure dialed numebr, call type, routing script.

The first thing you need to do is get the call over to the IVR with a trans route. I'm hoping you can whip out those trans routes in your sleep.

If your IVR is CVP, there is a lot more to do with the very tricky "Send to VRU" node - but I'm guessing you are using IPIVR. Correct?

So once it's been trans routed over to IP IVR, you can run your .aef application.



ciscogini Tue, 07/17/2007 - 12:49
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Thank you so much for your detailed explinaition.

I tested the dialer and it seems to work.

I am using CVP for this purpose.

I tried with agent based campaign and I am having issues with it. The system just calls the agent and hangs up after two seconds. Even it is not calling the outside number, it just calls the agent and then hangs up.

not sure whats going on.

I will look the steps you mentined and try to check everythign again.

Thank you,

The system should be calling the customer, not the agent.

One thing I always like to do to start off is shutdown the Dialer and use dialogictest to call from the SCCP ports on the Dialer. Run this tool and let it see all your ports (channels). Make a call from each channel in turn to an outside number (the customer) to ensure that this part is configured correctly.

Then ensure all ports are associated with the ICM JTAPI user.

The Dialer is a bit tricky if all you've done is inbound. There are a few odd things in the setup to make it work that were borrowed from an inbound system.

The documentation is actually very good.



ciscogini Wed, 07/18/2007 - 16:12
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Thank you for your responde. We got this one working.

We had start the Call Manager PG to get this one running.

webstd.design Wed, 04/01/2009 - 07:32
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Hello. I want to configure IVR outbound campaign.

Please,can use see my config and check if I could do IVR outbound campaign well.

First to say - my Agent outbound campaign works fine but it is configured as PREDICTIVE.

As I understood your post I should configure Outbound Option Campaign as Transfer to IVR Campaign. Thats all here?

Then I should remove Skill Group from Outbound script in ICM and replace it with Route Point. Am I right?

Please reply If I understood well all I need to configure IVR campaign

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