scottmac Sat, 07/21/2007 - 09:12
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I'd bet not. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, an L1 (Tier 1?) level engineer could be assigned to anything through everything.

There is not "typical" for the broad spectrum. Within a given stratum of organizational size, you will tend to find a fairly common structure.

For example, in a smaller organization, they might only have Tier1 folks and hire outside consultants to do the heavy design and immplementation work.

In very large organizations, even if you're in IT/IS, chances are that you only see a small part of the overall network (LAN, WAN, Phone, Security, Service Platforms, Desktops, Applications, Backup & Archive ...)

For organizations in-between the above, there will be some mix of expectation as to what a Level 1/ Tier 1 person might do.

To further complicate things, the "quality" of the network will also play into what kind of daily activity someone would need to do (good networks need less, generally speaking, that's why good design is a Good Thing).

SO, at the very least, you're gonna need to be a little more specific on the size and nature of the place you're talking about; but even then, different management philosphies, budget, age of the network, homogenous network / mixed -vendor network ... still a lot of variables (probably still can't come up with a "Standard List of Daily Activities" for a Level 1 / Tier 1.

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Pavel Bykov Sat, 07/21/2007 - 11:51
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On Cisco web in search field you can type "Troubleshooting XXX", where xxx is the thing you are actually have problems with. This can solve the problem at hand.

Otherwise i'd recommend buying books on the topic and thoroughly reading them. You can find a lot of on topic writing at Cisco Press.


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