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Jul 23rd, 2007


Assuming that there are 2 routers R1 and R2 connected through fa0/0(IP- on R1 and fa0/1(IP- on R2.I want to configure a static route on R1 to R2'LAN want R1 to see this static route as the most reliable route.

Which command should I use :

ip route fa0/0


ip route

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Mon, 07/23/2007 - 06:09


To all practical purpose it shouldn't make a lot of difference. I would personally use the second one

ip route



Richard Burts Mon, 07/23/2007 - 06:17


I would go a step further than Jon and say that in terms of appearing reliable the 2 versions of the static route are exactly the same. Some people believe (and there are some books that say it) that a static route using an interface has a better administrative distance than a static specifying a next hop. But this is not correct. Both versions of static route have administrative distance of 1.

And I believe that we need a stronger statement about the version of static route with next hop specified being better than static route with interface specified, especially if the interface is a LAN interface. On point to point serial interfaces both work fine. But on a LAN interface the static route with interface specified will have to ARP for each destination address. This becomes dependent on whether the neighbor router has enabled proxy ARP or not. And assuming that proxy ARP is enabled, it makes the router work harder, makes the ARP table larger. So especially when the interface is a LAN interface the static route specifying next hop address is better. (and perhaps best of all would be a static route which specifies both interface and next hop).




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