2811 and a WiC-1ADSL-I-DG

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Jul 23rd, 2007

We have open a division in the UK and are using DSL as a back up to a T1-E1, so I was going to use a standard DSL Modem but thought the WiC-1ADSL-I-DG would be better. However I can seem to get the card up and running. Here is the interface config and sh int atm.

interface ATM0/1/0

ip address dhcp

ip access-group 102 in

ip inspect SDM_LOW out

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly

no atm ilmi-keepalive

dsl operating-mode auto

ATM0/1/0 is down, line protocol is down

Hardware is DSLSAR (with Alcatel ADSL Module)

Internet address will be negotiated using DHCP

That's part of the sh int amt.

Anyway I can't get the interface to function and I was looking for any help.


I have this problem too.
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ddevecka Mon, 07/23/2007 - 07:15

I was wrong when I put it into loopback ATM is up and line protocol is up as well.

Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 07/23/2007 - 07:30


WiC-1ADSL-I-DG if for ADSL over ISDN, that is quite rare, unless you have this type of ADSL, it will never work.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does

ddevecka Mon, 07/23/2007 - 07:34

My boss in at location in the UK and said he thought this is what they used?

Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 07/23/2007 - 08:26

Well you should confirm with telco or physically, if it is ADSL over ISDN will work, else it won't.

ISDN BRI is easy to tell as it has a box called NT1 on which there is an RJ-45 presenting the S/T interface.

ddevecka Mon, 07/23/2007 - 13:22

I will check this out and post as I find out. Right now we installed a Linksys DSL Router and are working from that.

Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 07/23/2007 - 13:33

If the linksys works, that means the line is not ADSL over ISDN.

The right card would be then WIC-1ADSL or HWIC-1ADSL depending on the router model.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

sohaildxbfze Sun, 05/06/2012 - 01:12

Hi Paolo,

I have same issue, my inventory is

Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.3(14)T5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

NAME: "WAN Interface Card - ATM (With ADSL module)", DESCR: "WAN Interface Card - ATM (With ADSL module)"

It was working for last 3 years, out of no where stopped working. Then i connected dlink wan router & checked that if modulation type is ADSL (multimode) it doesnt work. If it is ADSL2/ADSL2+ then it works. Service provider is taking lot of time to tell us exact modulation time.

I want to confirm that HWIC-1ADSL will work for above 2811+ IOS,, so i can buy & do it myself



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