need QOS/policing help on a 6500 Sup7203BXL

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Jul 24th, 2007
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We have just installed a cisco 6500 and are trying to get our policing working for customers. The DSCP values seem to be getting lost. I have turned on "mls trust dscp" on the links to the core. We are also running MPLS on the core. Would this have an affect?

Here is some config from the switch.

class-map match-any MATCH-INTERNATIONAL

description Match any International Traffic

match ip dscp 5

match ip precedence 5



police cir 2097000 bc 393240 be 393240 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop violate-action drop


police cir 262000 bc 49155 be 49155 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop violate-action drop

interface Vlan3202

description Customer: via Vector Max-3202

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

bgp-policy source ip-prec-map

service-policy input CUSTOMER_BWPLAN782_UPLOAD

service-policy output CUSTOMER_BWPLAN782_DOWNLOAD

We are also trying to use BGP table maps to set the dscp on outgoing traffic so we can rate limit international. These don't seem to work either.

Any help would be great. Thanks

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Pavel Bykov Wed, 07/25/2007 - 12:39
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MPLS uses EXP bits for QoS, but after stripping MPLS label, DSCP values are used. Are all labels stripped from packets going through Vlan 3202?

Also, IP precedence 5 = DSCP 40 (CS5)

and DSCP 5 is actually a non-RFC DSCP value, that sets unused and medium discard bits for Class Default (Best Effort)

Have you tried sniffing traffic, by using span-ports? Maybe packets already don't have precedence, or you are matching the wrong one...


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