DFM 2.0.9 customizable interface group problem.

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Hi all.

we are using LMS 2.6 and I am trying to create a user defined group (in DFM) for a number of interfaces to change thresholds for only those interfaces.

The problem is i can't populate the customizable access,interface or trunk groups in any possible way it seems. I have tried adding same/simmilar rules as the system groups such as Interfaces.Type contains "ETHER" with no luck. (Also cust interface group 1 and 2 are missing in "group administration???)

In the customizable group for devices it is OK.

after the group is modified I can select it in "managing thresholds" but clicking on "view interfaces" shows no interfaces. just the pop up "The selected group has no devices.

Please select a group with devices" (the system interface groups are showing device/interfaces).

Is it me, a bug or a feature ?



I have this problem too.
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Hi agian

It was me..

I found in the documentation this info.

If the interface or port appears as a member, that group is the overriding group. (Ports and interfaces are only listed as members in the overriding group.)

So I had to change priority and APPLY before anything shows up in that group. A bit different than for Devices.

now I only have to find interface group 1 and 2 ??




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