Purging Disco'd PVCs

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Edison Ortiz Wed, 07/25/2007 - 15:14

Are they showing as 'INACTIVE' or 'DELETED' ?

If they are showing as 'INACTIVE', LMIs are being sent by the frame-relay switch and there is nothing you can do other than perhaps shutting down the interface if no other PVCs are being service via that link.

If they are showing as 'DELETED', you have a static mapping for that DLCI in your config. You can delete this mapping, for instance:

no frame map ip x.x.x.x 10

They were showing as inactive and there was no mapping or interface for these PVCs. In fact, the three I was able to clear out (see later in this message) We had only plugged in the T-! and of course the PVCs shows in the table. No other configuration was done (except basic controller and serial interface info - framing, linecode, timeslots, etc). So nothing to delete.

For some of them (the one's we tested on the 7600) I deleted the timeslots in the controller config and they went away. That also deletes the associated serial interface - as expected. For the remaining one's (on an active T-1 with other needed PVCs) they still show as INACT, and LMI is not being received for them (per debug fram lmi).

Guess only a reboot will handle it. Thanks anyway.

Edison Ortiz Wed, 07/25/2007 - 16:25

The INACTIVE will come back even after a reboot. As I said before, this information is being sent by the frame-relay switch. Until the telco clear their mappings, you will see it.


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