Voice Message to inform people there conversation is being recorded

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Jul 26th, 2007
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I am looking to set up a recorded message that informs people there phone calls are being recorded. This is only on certain phones.

As i am relatively new to call manager is there a way this can be achieved?

If so can anyone advise how i would go about this.


Kevin Hobson

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Tim Smith Tue, 07/31/2007 - 03:47
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Hi Kevin,

There are probably a few ways to do this. I'm not sure if theres is a really simple way in CallManager itself.

An IP IVR would be the easiest solution, but I'm not sure if you have one available? Are you using IPCC or IPCC express?

You could probably fudge a work around using a Unity server and call handlers.

You could also look at a TCL script on an IOS gateway on the way in.

It all depends on how many extensions you are going to do this to, and possibly how often the extensions may change. i.e. are you going to record certain phones 1 week, then change it the next etc.

Not sure if that helps, or if you have come up with any other solutions?



kevinhobson2000 Tue, 07/31/2007 - 03:53
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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply.

They do have IPCC which is managed by a third party company.

I was thinking maybe i could use an annunciator but like i said im still getting to grips with call manager.



Tim Smith Wed, 08/01/2007 - 00:47
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Hi Kevin,

I dont think an Annunicator will do the trick. They are mostly used for service type messages to the phone users.. such as MLPP anouncements, and call routing problems etc.

I dont think you can customise them, or even route a call to them.

If you want to play the annoucement to all inbound callers, the simplest way may be to route them through a TCL script on an IOS H323 gateway.

If you want to be selective about the extensions though IPCC may be more appropriate and easier to manage. I.e. you could have a script with a list of recorded extensions and then decide whether to play the annoucements or not etc.



noeparenteau Thu, 10/09/2008 - 07:56
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I have the same question, but I believe I may be limited because I am using CCM 4.1(3), without UNITY.

Anyone have either a USER MOD that might send calls to a "dummy" extension that is setup to auto-answer - ON HOLD - playing a particular MOH message ("this call may be recorded..."), then send the actual call into a live extension???


any type of add-on user appliance that answers the calls for a set of phones/extensions - plays this message - then transfers the call to an "live" extension.

I am getting dizzy now, someone help me...



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